Book Launch

Unleash your inner warrior! 🗡️⚔️ On 4/26, come celebrate the book launch for Blackguard: Way of the Askari - a fantasy novel with intense action, high stakes, and immersive world building. 

Have a drink with the author @The Paradox Arcade + Bar, as you grab your signed copy. 📖✍️

The Paradox Arcade + Bar

8PM on 4/26

396 S. Thomas St, Pomona, CA

Don't miss this legendary night, fantasy fans! ⚔️✨ 



Raymond Singclare Cobb is an independent author from Compton, California. He's a creative powerhouse, crafting mind-blowing worlds that'll leave you utterly spellbound! Buckle up for epic journeys across fantasy, sci-fi, and horror.

With a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University, R.S. Cobb's storytelling skills are finely tuned. His books are packed with unforgettable characters and extraordinary experiences that'll sweep you off your feet.

But it doesn't stop with books! R.S. Cobb is also a dedicated family man, sharing his love for storytelling with his loved ones, igniting their imaginations for generations to come.

Already ten books deep, R.S. Cobb is always on the hunt for new horizons to captivate readers like you. Imagination is his superpower, and he invites publishers, magazines, and editors to join him on this thrilling journey.

Get ready for an adventure with no limits! Follow R.S. Cobb on social media @mindtheytypos and check out for all the latest updates and news. Let's shape new worlds together with every turn of his pen!

 Chino, Ca 91710

+1 909 929 4160