Author Spotlight: Dark and Speculative Worlds of Pedro Iniguez

Welcome back to Mind The Typos, your go-to blog for all things literary. Today, we have a special treat for our readers—an exclusive interview with the remarkable Pedro Iniguez, a rising star in the world of horror and science fiction. Pedro's works have graced the pages of prestigious publications and anthologies, earning him accolades and a growing fan base. Let's dive into his journey, inspirations, and what we can expect from his upcoming releases.

1. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your book?

My name is Pedro Iniguez and I am a horror and science-fiction writer from Los Angeles, California. I am a Rhysling Award finalist and a Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize nominee.

My fiction and poetry has appeared in Nightmare Magazine, Never Wake: An Anthology of Dream Horror, Shadows Over Main Street Volume 3, Qualia Nous Vol. 2, A Night of Screams: Latino Horror Stories, Speculative Fiction for Dreamers, and Worlds of Possibility, among others.

Apart from leading writing workshops and speaking at several colleges, I have also been a sensitivity reader and have ghostwritten for award-winning apps and online clients. I’ve also had the honor of being published alongside authors like Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Chuck Palahniuk,Josh Malerman, Cynthia Pelayo, Gabino Iglesias, S.A. Cosby, and so many other legends of literature.

Forthcoming, my SF poetry collection MEXICANS ON THE MOON: SPECULATIVE POETRY FROM A POSSIBLE FUTURE, is slated for publication in 2024 from Space Cowboy Books. My horror fiction collection, FEVER DREAMS OF A PARASITE, is slated for a 2025 release from publisher Raw Dog Screaming Press.

2. What inspired you to write your book, and can you tell us about it?

So, I’ve got two books coming out within the next two years. My SF poetry collection, MEXICANS ON THE MOON: SPECULATIVE POETRY FROM A POSSIBLE FUTURE (Space Cowboy Books, 2024), and my horror fiction collection, FEVER DREAMS OF A PARASITE (Raw Dog Screaming Press, 2025).

I’ve been writing for 15 years, so it was only natural that I collect my poetry and short fiction and try to have it published. Fortunately, I found some wonderful and well-respected publishers to give my collections a home. This is the embodiment my creative self over that time span.

Mexicans on the Moon should be out this summer and Fever Dreams of a Parasite is slated for first quarter 2025.

3. What themes or messages do you hope readers will take away from your book?

Many themes in my work involve racism, immigration, toxic masculinity, cartel violence, annihilation of the human race, the slew of missing women in Mexico, and so forth. The darker aspects of life and things I wanted to bring more attention to. If my stories or poems can get you to sit there and think about any of those things, I’ve done my job.

4. Are there any particular authors or books that influenced your writing style or inspired you? 

So many. Stephen King, Clive Barker, Dennis Etchison, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Richard Matheson, Laird Barron, John Langan, Cormac McCarthy. The list goes on. Same for books, there would be too many to mention.

5. In what ways do you think your book stands out from others in its genre, and what do you hope sets it apart for readers?

Many of my poems or short stories feature Latino characters and POVs, which at this moment in publishing, is sorely lacking. I think readers would find unique perspectives in my work, not only from an authorial point of view, but from a cultural one as well.

6. Can you discuss any research or preparation you undertook while writing your book, particularly if it involved exploring new topics or settings?

I do research all the time. I’ll read an entire book on cartels, physics, astronomy, folklore, etc, just to figure out one particular sentence for the sake of authenticity. If you’re not careful as a writer, it can lead yow down a rabbit hole and you’ll stray from what you’re working on.

7. Can you provide an excerpt of a specific scenes or passages in your book that hold particular significance?

From my poem, The Epidemic of Shrink-Ray-Gun Violence Plaguing Our Schools Must End

"Their atoms dust the floors

of every school in the country;

those frightened children

we can no longer console.

Their cries have faded

into inaudible wavelengths

inside a quantum world where

hugs and spacetime both cease to exist.

They have dissolved into mere fractions

of their corporeal selves,

their particles swept into dustpans

and mopped into oblivion.

Blame those new blasters inundating the market,

stowed inside scores of scruffy backpacks;

the preferred choice of disgruntled

circuit-heads throughout the nation.

As parents, we stand before you

requesting prompt legislation to end

the rampant wave of shrink-ray-gun violence

endemic to our culture.

We beg you.

Think of the children,


beneath the soles of your shoes"

8. Can you provide insight into your future writing plans or projects? Are there any upcoming releases or ideas you're excited to explore?

Apart from the projects I’ve mentioned, I’m working on a horror anthology comic book for Chispa Comics which should be out next year. I’m also currently writing my second novel, which is this sort of horror/crime hybrid.

9. Lastly, could you provide your contact information or social media handles for readers who would like to connect with you?

Readers can find me at pedroiniguez.com, where they can find all my social media handles as well.

Pedro Iniguez’s work is a testament to the power of storytelling, blending the macabre with the speculative to create thought-provoking and impactful narratives. As we eagerly await his upcoming releases, be sure to follow his journey and delve into the rich, culturally nuanced worlds he crafts. Stay tuned for more author interviews, book reviews, and literary insights right here on Mind The Typos. And remember, every great story starts with a single typoKeep reading, keep writing, and always Mind The Typos.