Aegis vs Absolute

Aegis vs Absolute - An Otherworldly Superhero Clash

When a renegade hero from an alien utopia crash-lands on Earth seeking conquest, an amnesiac survivor must rediscover his true power and interplanetary legacy to stop the invasion. #SciFi #Aliens #HeroJourney #InvasionAlert 

Hey book lovers! Are you a fan of comic book heroes? Get ready for an awesome ride as I unveil the details of my brand new novel I'm working on - it's going to be a thrilling experience for fans of superhero stories. Join me on this exciting, out-of-this-world adventure!

1. An Interstellar Vendetta

As of now, the working title is Aegis & Absolute, a gripping story of former heroes turned enemies, who are locked in an interplanetary conflict. Set against the backdrop of the idyllic planet Aab, a diverse team of superhumans known as the Colletive vigilantly safeguard their utopian society.

Each member wields unique abilities, ranging from towering strength to elemental control and blazing speed:

High-Powered, a towering force of raw might, boasts a granite-like physique and awe-inspiring strength. With thunderous punches that level buildings and flight powered by sheer will, he defends the weak and inspires awe.

Murk, a swift dynamo, draped in adaptive armor, leaves refractive afterimages trailing behind. With lightning reflexes, she neutralizes threats before they detect her, a blur of motion.

Torrent, a humanoid embodiment of nature's power, reigns over the seas. His physique merges with psionic armor, enabling manipulation of water molecules with sheer will. 

Aegis, a guardian of innovation, merges intellect with technology. His power armor, armed with experimental weaponry, projects plasma blasts, force fields, and augments physical capabilities, surpassing foes with military-grade firepower and tactical systems.

Oya epitomizes disciplined physical mastery, a sleek force with blazing reflexes, enhanced strength, and encyclopedic martial knowledge. Clad in advanced armor, her true power lies in unwavering focus and precision tactics.

2. The Catalyst: Earth's Peril

However, upon the discovery of Earth, the Council made up of Aab's leaders decides to send an emissary to stop Earth's impending doom. But tensions escalate as a new champion, Absolute, is selected over seasoned veterans to serve as Earth's savior. Feeling betrayed by this decision, Aegis, donning a powerful tech-suit, turns rogue and launches a devastating assault alongside the speedster Murk. The ensuing clash results in the demise of the Council and numerous heroes.

Absolute, a muscular figure exuding strength, with deep, wise eyes and melanin-rich skin. Possessing superhuman strength, reflexes, and agility, he's Earth's hero, facing challenges with hope and resilience, inspiring courage and compassion.

3. Betrayal and Amnesia

Amidst the chaos, Aegis escapes to Earth aboard an experimental craft called the Quantum Sleeper, while the injured Absolute follows but crash lands on Earth separately, suffering from severe amnesia. On Earth, Absolute, now known as "Marcus Williams," is embraced by a compassionate family who aids his transition into human life. Unaware of his extraterrestrial origins, as he learns of his super human abilities he becomes Emergence, a local superhero sensation.

4. The Reckoning: Identity Revealed

Years later, Aegis arrives to Earth, wielding advanced weaponry to subjugate world leaders. Recognizing Emergence as his former ally Absolute, Aegis manipulates him under the guise of salvation for Earth. With the assistance of Aegis' remorseful AI assistant Tetra, Emergence regains his memories and embraces his true identity. 

5. The Climax: Aegis vs Absolute

As the two heroes clash, wielding new powers, and facing unexpected allies and foes alike, the fate of the people of Earth depends on Absolute. In this titanic battle, heroes will fall, worlds will burn, and friendships will be shattered. Aegis & Absolute promises an enthralling exploration of dual identities, legacies, and the cosmic forces that bind us all.

6. Conclusion: Prepare for Cosmic Chaos! 📱👆🏿

Stay tuned for additional reveals about the military human resistance force aiding Absolute. More artwork showcasing the heroes and their powers is on the MindTheTypos youtube channel. Join me as we dive deeper into the cosmic menaces and mysteries surrounding Aab, Earth and beyond.

Until next time, remember to keep your eyes peeled for the unexpected, and always mind the typos!

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